Straight to the point.

Reggie G.

After my accident, Mr. Bowden came out to my house on more than a few occasions. He is very thorough and knows exactly what he is talking about. I've used Mr. Bowden and his legal team for years now and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.


Attorney Bowden has helped me with numerous cases within my family including my brother , brother in law , sister & my son. I don't know who would have helped us if it wasn't for Attorney Bowden .


My family and I were involved in a head-on collision, there was also a fatality as a result of the accident. It was tragic. We all suffered terrible, awful injuries. Mr. Bowden came out to us, that made things much easier for us. He made sure we knew of our legal rights. He also made sure to always make himself available to us, he made us a priority. Mr. Bowden will absolutely be our lawyer for life!


I would recommend Mr. Bowden to anyone and I have. When looking for an attorney, I was looking for someone who was attentive, empathetic, and tenacious. Mr. Bowden is all the above. It's unlikely that anyone has every answer, but Mr. Bowden is so persistent and diligent in finding the best answer. He knows what he is doing and he gets the results and outcomes that the client deserves. I was injured from a work accident, calling Mr. Bowden relieved so many concerns I had. I could focus on my recovery and healing. It is very comforting having a lawyer with such passion and experience on your side. We've worked with Mr. Bowden for two decades now and wouldn't trust another lawyer.


Mr. Bowden is a 6 out of 5 stars, he makes it so easy to trust him with your case. He is very educated, and you see that as soon as your hire him. 10/10 recommend.


While looking for a lawyer, I really didn't know where to go. Luckily, my doctor recommended I call Mr. Bowden and he traveled from Greensboro to meet with me and I liked him right away. Mr. Bowden was so compassionate and optimistic, and he takes the time to explain the whole process in terms that are easily understood. His entire office was very attentive and polite, I distinctively remember speaking with attorney Sean and Teresa, they both helped my process go smoothly. I'm so pleased with my decision to hire Mr. Bowden and his team.


Love mr Bowden I had miles at first and was terrible I'm so glad they got rid of him and called me because I was getting ready to leave since having me Bowden he has taken great care of my case and all my concerns he will forever be my attorney

Angela E.