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Canine Bite Attorney
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Canines are naturally territorial. They wish to protect their property, their owners, and the life that they know. Even well-behaved dogs act aggressively toward strangers if they sense a threat.

In that situation, the dog’s instinct is to bite. Dogs might be our best friends and beloved family members, but a vicious or potentially dangerous canine is also a public menace.

If you experienced a recent dog bite, then don’t settle with the owner or their insurance company before you speak with a legal professional about your situation.

Selecting a dog bite personal injury attorney familiar with the legal precedents of a case like yours is your best solution when protecting your rights.

What to Do if You’ve Suffered a Dog Bite

Even if your injury seems minor, a dog bite offers a high risk of disease transmission or infection development.

You should always contact your local authorities after a dog bite. Even if you have no plans to pursue a personal injury claim, reporting the incident will protect others from future canine assaults from the same animal.

Your health needs must become a top priority as well. Rabies, tetanus, and other disease transfers are possible. The owner of the dog must provide veterinary records which show the current status of the animal’s vaccines.

If that information is not available, your doctor may decide to take precautionary measures to prevent a more serious condition from developing. Going to an urgent care facility or local emergency room is common after a canine attack.

Then document everything that happens after the attack. Keep your medical records. An attorney familiar in dog bites can guide you through each step, ensuring you are made whole from the incident.

Even a minor dog bite offers the potential for severe consequences. Don’t brush this injury aside. Take care of yourself, then protect your rights.